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Recruitment to the Norfolk Local Access Forum

The Norfolk Local Access Forum is comprised of up to 22 people covering a range of interests in countryside access in Norfolk, including walking; cycling; horse riding; landowners; conservation; other interests (including health, tourism, business, access for all, heritage, education). The Forum provides independent advice to a number of organisations…

Broadland District Council Bin Collection Calendars – December 2018-November 2019 and Christmas Collections

Broadland District Council Bin Collection Calendars - December 2018-November 2019   The annual calendars for all bin collections have now been made digital, so can be accessed by residents via the Broadland District Council website and be printed at home or downloaded onto computers/mobile devices.   This change has been…

Dawsons Lane Appeal Details

The Planning Inspectorate has set a deadline of 27th November for any additional comments for the Dawsons Lane application (20172032). The appeal details are as follows https://acp.planninginspectorate.gov.uk/ViewCase.aspx?CaseID=3205832&CoID=0&fbclid=IwAR221HLXnKz16DZED_CPxwvdTOB2_KT-tm4nTUPdw0Oz9xmgieTsd9tpQWM The Appeal Information is available on the Broadland Planning portal here, but all additional comments must be made to the planning inspectorate. https://secure.broadland.gov.uk/MVM/Online/dms/DocumentViewer.aspx?PK=720956&SearchType=Planning+Application&fbclid=IwAR2kXOEJo03DLiQJzljP_Zo_bvhPykw4FDW3WpVJuGk_yg3yqiyZHjib1io…
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